Protected Tomorrows Charities is a mission-driven not-for-profit corporation dedicated to helping families with special needs optimize the lifelong care of their loved ones. The mission of Protected Tomorrows Charities is to provide resources, research, and education for families of individuals with disabilities and the elderly. Our efforts include offering free educational programs to families and professionals working with families with special needs, as well as the development of new programs and initiatives that offer fulfilling Live, Learn, Work and Play opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Protected Tomorrows Charities is pleased to announce our first project – Transform U. Transform U is a job development organization in the fitness industry for persons with developmental disabilities. We train and educate high functioning individuals who will become American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified Fitness Service Specialists. Our hope is that our students when certified will become PEER personal trainers who will gain employment in a gym or small personal training studio.

Mary Anne Ehlert, founder of Protected Tomorrows Charities, is the sibling of a sister with cerebral palsy… more