About Us

Mary Anne Ehlert, President of Protected Tomorrows Charities, is the sibling of a sister with cerebral palsy.

She has been inspired and dedicated to working in the disability field as a result of her life experiences. Mary Anne, a financial professional, grew up in a household which revolved around her sister Marcia, who had cerebral palsy, and understands the many challenges her parents faced with caring for Marcia.

In many different ways, she has helped thousands of families find resources and do the important special needs planning which protects their futures. The mission of Protected Tomorrows Charities is to educate and inform and as a result Mary Anne speaks frequently to groups sharing her unique expertise.

The Protected Tomorrows Charities web site is a response to the many needs expressed by our families and provides an on-line newsletter as well as answers to many disability questions. The site offers information about connecting with other families, working successfully with government agencies, keeping up with changes in the law, finding important resources, becoming an advocate for your family member and finding out about the latest research.